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How to Write a Sales Letter

Sales letter are is effective strategy that is preferred by an business professional in order to attract new clients and create a great image of their company in front of others. These sales letters are written to grasp the attention of the clients and make them feel that your business is reliable and you are highly professional. These sales letters are written to explain your clients about your company, products and your market value. The new offerings or any new launches are also communicated to the client through these sales letters. Communication is very necessary in every aspect of live.
Even business need it to the fullest. These sales letters are an effective medium to communicate with the clients and grab their attention. These sales letters acts as a promotion for the business venture and tends to enhance the sales and create a feeling of trust. A perfect sales letter creates a positive impression and leads to beneficial business deals. These sales letters are generally formal and should be written in a simple and understanding tone. Complicated words and phrases should be avoided in order to kill a chance of any kind of misunderstanding.

  • A perfect sales letter should be formal.
  • A perfect sales letter should be in simple language.
  • A perfect sales letter should be easy to understand.
  • A perfect sales letter should contain all the information related to the product.
  • The information provided should be to the point.
  • Create headlines and be clear about the information you want to provide.
  • The Sales letter should be credible.
  • The sales letter should be typed and not hand written.

How to Write a Sales Letter Template

Use our free How to Write a Sales Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


Date ___________


_____________ (name & address of recipient)


Dear Mr. ___________ (name),

We are glad to inform you about _________ (introduction of business or your product). We are looking forward for ____________ (purpose of the letter).

We have introduced ___________ (details, quality, features and benefits of your business/ product). The price that has been quoted___________ (introduce the price quotes).

We are hoping for _________ (restate purpose for letter). Thank you for giving you valuable time. Hope for a better business.




_______________ ( name of sender & address of firm)





Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

How to Write a Sales Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Sept 11, 2013

Rimi Malhotra



Dear Ms Rimmi,

This is to inform you about our newly launched product. You are one of our important customers and are proud to introduce you to our new fashion brand “DIVA”.

Our new brand “DIVA” has a special variety of women accessories. These accessories are very stylish and trendy. They have been designed keeping the peppy style of young generation. Our products always have a good standard and are durable.

We assure you that our products are highly satisfactory. We can send some samples to your office and can meet for further discussion.

Thank you for giving your valuable time. Hope for a better business.




Huma Siddhique

Royal Production Ltd.




How to Write a Sales Letter Generator

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