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Lost Customer Sales Letter

Sales letters are important to make new customer. But in case you have lost any customer these sales letters can act as remedy to reunite your bonds with the lost ones. It is not necessary that one will only have good and successful business relationship but there are some failures also. To maintain these gaps and start a new inning these sales letters are used. The lost customer sales letter act as abridge too the terminated contact between the clients and the company. The lost customer sales letter tends to start the business relationship between the customer and the company. These lost customer sales letter tries to retain the relationship. The lost customer sales Letter are written to bring back the lost customers and enhance the business deals. The lost customer sales letters are written by the business personnel to recreate a good impression on the lost clients.

  • The letter should be a formal one.
  • The letter should be able to create a positive impression.
  • Give your concerns for the past failure of transactions and assure better services for future.

Lost Customer Sales Letter Template

Use our free Lost Customer Sales Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

_______________ (name address and company of recipient)



Dear ______________, (name of recipient)

This letter is with reference to continue our business dealings once again. Due to some dealing failures ___________________________ (give reasons for the failure of past deals and assure that this will not happen again). We want ____________ (state the purpose of writing the letter).

We _________________(mention about your successful dealings with the customer).

We _________________________ (apologize for the failed deal and restate your purpose). We are looking forward for a positive reply from you.

Warm regards,

______________ (name and company of the sender)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Lost Customer Sales Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


ABCD Investments Lmt.

RFT 45 Street,


Dear George,

This letter is with reference to continue our business dealings once again. Due to some dealing failures we had terminated our business relationships. You were one of our valuable customers in past and we be glad to start a new innings with you. There were some failures due to miscommunications but we assure you that this will not happen again.

We had many successful business dealing and this letter is to make up our broken business relationship. We are one of the renowned firms in this industry and are known for the quality standards of our services.

We thereby apologize for the miscommunications in past and are inviting you to do business with us again. We are looking forward for a positive reply from you.

Warm regards,

Mike Samule,

ART Ltd.

Email Format

Dear Samuel George,

We are sending this letter to remake our broken relationship, which is due to some last transaction failures. During the past few years, you were a very important customer to us and we were always pleased for the business with you. However, some unexpected disasters occurred due to some miscommunication between us and we are sorry for that.

Therefore, this letter is intended to rebuild our lost broker customer relationship during our last deal. As you already know our organization, Angel Investments, is one of the great broking firm in London. We have the membership of business opportunity and business brokers of London and only very few organizations can have this.

We apologize for the mistake that happened in the past and will not repeat again. We are looking forward to re-establish a strong relationship again with you.

Warm regards,

Angel Investments.

Lost Customer Sales Letter Generator

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