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Sales Letter Format


This is the format of a sales letter explaining in detail the different sections and the kind of content, which goes into each of these sections. It starts with the details of the client to whom this letter is being addressed. Then the actual information is given sequentially. The letter ends with your contact information for the client to get back to you.

Client’s Name

Client’s Title

Client’s or client’s company address


Dear (client’s name)

1st paragraph: The introduction should be able to bind the attention of the reader to the letter. In here you could mention about a particular problem a client may have and how your product could help resolve it. Introduce your company and your specialization.

2nd paragraph: Provide an introduction to your product or the service and explain the ways the client could benefit by using your product or service. You could make your offer very attractive to the client but be careful not to promise the impossible.

3rd paragraph: Provide your contact information and how client could find more details of your offer.

This sales letter format is easiest and simple thing to follow for busy and new clients .

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