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Sales Letters to Potential Client

Communication is very essential for maintaining a healthy business relationship. Weather it is the case of old clients or new clients it is very essential to communicate them about the details of your business, your new launched products or any new offers related to them. The sales letter can make new clients and can retain the old ones. The sales letter can enhance your sales and can also help in extending your business. If one does not communicates to his client and a gap is maintained then there is a chance of losing a client and even new client will not get attracted towards your business.
So it is very necessary to be in touch with your clients. And these sales letters are the best professional way to do so. These letters are highly professional and formal ones. A good business relationship is the base for effective running of the business. These sales letters are very popular in the business world and helps in attracting potential clients. These sales letters are used to make potential clients are regular one.

  • The Sales Letters to Potential Client should be formal.
  • The Sales Letters to Potential Client should be concise.
  • The Sales Letters to Potential Client should be impressive and show the benefits of the products.
  • The Sales Letters to Potential Client should be professional.
  • The Sales Letters to Potential Client should carry details of the products and company.

Sales Letters to Potential Client Template

Use our free Sales Letters to Potential Client to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



___________ (name address company of the recipient)




Dear __________, (name of recipient)

We at ______________________________________________________( give introduction of the company, its history and purpose of writing letter).

Our ____________________________________________(details offers and benefits of your products)

For more details of our product you can visit us ____________________________________ (contact details should be provided).

We are hoping for a good business deal.



_______________ (name and company of sender)




Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Sales Letters to Potential Client Sample, Email and Example/Format


To Ramesh Chandra

Purchase Manager,

Cryon Computers

Dear Mr. Ramesh,

It is our pleasure writing to your company. Your company is one of the renowned ones and has best standards for quality. Our company GK internationals, is in the business of providing computers accessories.

Our quality standards are the best match for your company. We have service centres in various parts of the city and are now interested in expanding them. We therefore want you to be in our network and enjoy the services provided by us.

We assure good quality at reasonable prices and are also providing flat 20% discount. I.n case of any query, feel free to contact us

Hope for better business deals.



Ravi Mishra,

Marketing Manager,


STP Electronics.


Email Format

Creating and maintaining good business relations with popular clients or companies helps for the development of your company. Due to the reason, writing a sales letter to a potential client is an important factor. Therefore, here is an example for such a letter.

Dear Mr. Pratab,

[Subject: Flat 30% Discount for Computer Accessories and Parts]

It is very pleasure in writing to your company, which is one of the popular companies in the country. Your lowest prices and best quality service are outstanding. Your company is reaching worldwide now.

We are providing the best computer accessories and parts and all the service needed to maintain a computer. We have specialized service centers in many parts of the city and we are expanding our network.

Therefore, we want inform you, to be a part of our network to enjoy the services we provide to you and your customers. We are also expanding our business in other states like Haryana, Assam, Jaipur and other cities. We are providing the discounts of flat 30% in all services including the accessories.

Kindly contact us. We are waiting for you positive response.


Ravi Menon,

Marketing Manager,


Ravi Electronics.


Sales Letters to Potential Client Generator

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