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Sales Pitch Letter

The sales letters are essential to carry out any type of communication in the business world. These sales letters are used to get a business deals, introduce new products, carry on the deals as well as close them. The sales pitch letters are used to attract its customers and bang a business deal in future. While writing a Sales Pitch Letters it is very essential to keep in mind that the attention of the reader is attracted. Proper facts and information should be avoided. These Sales Pitch Letters should be kept short and crisp. The business personal generally send sales pitch letter to his clients in order to impress him with his products and services. The Sales Pitch Letters are an official way to introduce ones business and product. It is very important that the Sales Pitch Letter is in formal tone. These Sales Pitch Letters are a proper way to enhance a business sale. These Sales pitch letter create a good impact on the business if it is used in a proper manner. These Sales Pitch Letters are used to attract new and future client to feel more confident about your products.

Use our free Sales Pitch Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


______________ (name, designation &

______________ Address of the recipient)





Date ___________ (date of issuing letter)

Dear ___________, (name of the recipient)

We at_______________ (introduce your company and products). We want to _________________ (state the purpose of the letter).

Our products have __________________________ (state the features and benefits of your product and also give the details of the offer provided by your company). You can try ________________ (restate your purpose).

For further information you can visit ___________________ (provide you website address or contact info).

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Sales Pitch Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



John Cloude


AZK call Centre


Sept 10, 2013

Dear Mr. John,

Are you satisfied with the performance of your computers? Are you getting top quality satisfaction with your computers? If not then, we at NEFT Limited are ready to get a permanent solution to these problems.

NEFT Limited provides a fine ranges computers and is one of the well-known and reputed companies in this business. Our computers have excellent performance and we are also providing an additional warranty of 1 year. Our computer is worth purchase and gives you satisfaction for the value for your money.

For further information you can visit We will be in touch with you for further queries.

Mike Smith

General Manager

NEFT Computers.

Email Format

Sales pitch can give good impact on your business if it is used properly. Sales pitch is used to convenience your future clients for your services and products. Mention all those specialties of your business, which makes you, stand out from others. This letter is written professionally to increase your sales.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Are you in need of low cost quality computers that are refurbished? If yes the best people you must contact is the Computer Nerds. We offer used computers collected locally as well as those imported from UK. These refurbished computers look like brand new ones and also they work like brand new ones. The range includes Dell, Compaq, HP and Apple. They come to you with a warranty for one year. During this time any failure will be looked compensated.

You are invited to visit our website at In addition, you could contact us through email We will get in touch with you as soon as your email is received.

Joe Bracken’


Computer Nerds

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