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Sales Proposal Letter

Summary: Sales proposal letter is written to the new clients to give them a proposal to work with you. In this you can mention their problem which they having with current products. Tell them how they can satisfy their all customers with your products and convince them to come into the venture with you.

Mr. Jay J. Sparks

General Manager,

Best Shoes Stores,

4220 Angie Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90017

14th September 2010

Dear Mr. Sparks,

Do you face difficulties in getting your customers with good stylish and quality shoes they are asking for? We at Quality Foot Wear do the designing and the manufacture of leather shoes of high quality. Ladies’ and children’s footwear are our specialties. We have come to realize that ladies and children with bigger and wider feet face difficulties in finding the footwear for them. There is a wide range of footwear on offer with us. You will be able to satisfy your customers as your shop will have a wider range of footwear for them.

In case you want more details about our company and the shoes we have on offer, please visit our website at www.qualityfootwear.com.

Yours truly,

Albert Sanders,

Marketing Manager,

Quality Foot Wear

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