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Attorney Termination Letter

Summary: Terminating a misbehaving professional is a tough thing to do. But, no reason can justify unacceptable behavior. If you are assigned to make a termination letter to a lawyer who has been charged of contempt in court then here is a guide that will truly be of big help.

August 7, 2010.

Ms. Jona Ridge,

142, Palm Street,

Florida, USA.

Dear Ms. Ridge,

I would like to inform you that you have been terminated as a legal counsel for Florida due to your incompetence and negligence during the court proceeding yesterday. The committee on discipline in our practice criticized your unprofessional attitude towards the respectable judge. A charge of producing wrong court witnesses is also brought out against you, which is a violation of the basic principle of clause 23(A)

Due to your actions, your services are immediately cut-off and you are not allowed to practice your profession as a lawyer anywhere in America. A court proceeding will be done on the allegations charged against you and if your guilt will be proven then you have to face a penalty and a punishment for such disloyalty.

Very truly yours,

Marian Jones,

The Legal Counsel,


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