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Termination Letter – Insurance Termination Letter






Policy number: provide the policy number

Subject: cancellation of your policy number

This is in reference to the policy number you had applied dated (date). You are aware that our policy is accompanied with a medical check and then only the policy is approved. As your information you showed that you are perfectly healthy but when our team had conducted the random check we got to know that you are a chronic ____________ patient past one year, and you had not informed us about it. As per the clause, we regret to inform you that your policy stands cancelled with effect from_____________(date).

We regret the inconvenience caused to you and since the policy is canceled in the beginning of the term, the money due is only what you had paid at the time of the policy. We will be deducting the miscellaneous charges incurred by the company and the remaining amount____________will be sent to you within 15 days to your address. The settlement amount will be in the form of a cheque sent to your address.

Best regards,

Your name


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