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Probationary Termination Letter

Summary: Probation termination letter is the one, which can send by the company to any person who is working under them. This is professional and well-written form of communication between the management and employee. Termination letters are not easy to write, however, the process can be simplified by following the below mentioned format.

Bright Software Solutions, 32- Hanging Street,

Baltimore, USA.

Dear Mr. Harrison

This letter clearly informs you that due to lack of work capabilities, skills and behavior, we have decided to terminate your probation period of 6 months with the company. As per the rules given in the offer letter, signed by you, the company has the right to terminate you in 24 hours with a prior notice.

This letter is an intimation of your termination, therefore, we request you to kindly handover your resignation letter to us within 24-48 hours along with the properties that were provided to you by the company which includes your mobile phone, vehicle and the laptop.

We thank you for being with us and wish you a successful future.

Thanking you,

Mr. Smith Jones.

HR Manager

Wright Software Solutions,

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