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Sample Termination Letter

Summary: Mr. Raj Kumar, Manager Marketing of Mahendra Satyam Limited does not care about his works prospects due to which company’s sales figures are badly affected. Regarding his performance, Company’s administration has warned him vide their letter dated 15-7-2010 and advised him to improve his performance. Inspite of the written and several oral advises Mr. Kumar did not improved his performance, due to which Management of Company has decided to terminate his services and direct the administration to issue a termination letter to Mr. Kumar.


Manager HRD & Admin

Mahendra Satyam Ltd


Letter No.  01/Mktg/Termination/9/2010

16th September, 2010


Mr. Raj Kumar

Manager Marketing

Dear Mr. Kumar,

Sub: Termination of Services.

Ref:  Our Letter No 1/Performance/2 dt 15-07-2010

Reference is invited to our letter cited above wherein you were advised to give more attention to your duties and improve your performances.

It has been noted that despite our written advice and various oral warnings, you did not show any improvement in your performance. No improvement has been seen in the company’s sales figures during the past two months.

Therefore, this is regretfully informed that the management of Company has decided to terminate your service with immediate effect.

Wishing you best of luck for your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Lekh Raj.

Copy to:- Accounts Dept

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