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Termination Letter – Termination Letter for Non-Performance

Summary: A termination letter for non-performance is sent to the person who is being terminated from duty due to poor performance in the company. Such letters are strict and explain the cause for the termination. However, while writing this letter you should not use wrong words, which can hurt the feelings of other person, so draft this letter with extra care. The below letter will give you a clear idea of how to frame such a letter.

Mr. Robert Swinger,

Marketing Manager,

TTS solutions,

United Kingdom.

Mr. Swinger,

We are regretful to notify you that your services have been terminated from this company due to your poor performance. It’s the committee’s decision to terminate employees whose performance is poor for the precedent 6 months and the listed chart involves your name in it.

Your performance shows no improvement for the past 8 months and there have been no orders from your team for the last one year. Being a marketing manager, this is not expected from you. Thus, you are being terminated from services. Your dues will be settled within a month’s time.

Thank you for your services rendered for the organization.

Thanking you.


The Board of Directors.

TTS solutions.

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