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Business Thank You Letter Format

Summary: There are different situations in business when you need to send “business thank you letter “to your partner. There are some instructions you should follow while constructing them. The sample of such a letter below can be used for this purpose.



15 Grindes street

New Jersey, USA


Mr. George Taylor


12 Felis Avenue,

New Jersey, USA


Dear Mr. Taylor,

I would like thank you on behalf of Bellenocorporation for the cooperation with us. It is a really great pleasure for us to become partners with such a firm as yours are. Your high reputation and many years’ experience means a lot for us. We are sure that our cooperation will lead to the mutual benefits in a long term.

We hope to meet your expectations and extend our cooperation for as long as possible.

We appreciate your time for meeting us yesterday. It was pleasure to meet your colleagues as well. We hope you were satisfied with our company profile as well.

We are quite sure that the partnership of our two companies will lead our mutual business on the new stage and allows both of us to acquire a lot of benefits from this collaboration.

Want to thank you again and wish all the best.


Leadst& CO. Ltd

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