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Thank You Letter for a Recommendation

Dear Name,

Thank you for your time to write a letter of recommendation .I had applied for the _________ position in the company from past three months and as you are aware I am a meritorious student and I have a work experience of three years in the same profession. In today’s fast life being meritorious and experienced alone doesn’t work. Company does also need a good recommendation letter from a respectable person from the community.

I want to convey my deepest gratitude to you for writing this letter for me. I am sure because of your letter my application would have made a good impact.iam sure it’s because of your praise and confidence that you showed in the recommendation letter that the management considered my application and I have got this opportunity .I can never forget this kindness as this would definitely effect my life and career, thank you for taking your time and writing a recommendation letter for me. I assure you I will do my best in the new position and won’t let you down.

If I am of any help in future please feel free to contact me at _____________ number.


Your name

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