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Letter of Transmittal

In today’s world of super automation almost everything can be approved through customized automated systems, well almost everything. A few things are still left to formal written approvals. But the impact and authenticity that a letter has, a verbal or email or messaging method cannot.

An approval to transfer funds from one account to the other is called “transmittal”. This transfer of funds can be from one account of the individual to her/his other account or it could be transfer from one person’s account to the other person’s account. A transmittal Letter is an approval for the payment to be made or transfers to be allowed. This letter can be either given to a bank or financial institution or an individual as well. A  Letter  of Transmittal is a kind of letter of authority given by the writer to the carrier. A Transmittal Letter can either approve the funds to be transferred from one account to the other in the same bank or it could also be of two different banks. These banks have internal systems in place to make the transmittal procedure smooth. But these days usually the transmittals are done only for overseas deals.

DOS AND DON’T’S OF Letter of Transmittal

  • Letter of transmittal is a very important and crucial letter so care must be taken to ensure that it is given in safe hands
  • Because of the letter being a crucial document it should be discretely used
  • A copy of the letter must be signed by the receiver and kept with the giver to cover the legal aspect of the deal
  • If it is being given by an organization to another organization or individual, it should always be typed and on the company letterhead
  • If the letter is being given from one individual to the other, it can be hand written
  • The letter should be very short, brief and to the point
  • It should always carry a date on the top of the letter
  • A Transmittal Letter should very clearly have the name of the person or organization along with the address to whom the approval for the transfer of funds is being given
  • It should also indicate the exact amount of transfer that has been approved
  • The amount should be written both in numeric’s as well as in words to ensure that no forgery is possible
  • The purpose or reason for which the transmittal is being approved should also be mentioned in the Transmittal Letter
  • A Transmittal Letter should only be written by the individual herself/himself who is approving the transmittal or by the person responsible for it if it is from an organization’s side
  • Usually a Transmittal Letter is addressed to a bank with the details of the person whose signature is attested in the letter


_________________ (Name/address of person in the bank from where funds will be transmitted along with bank name)

__________________ (Date)

Subject: Transmittal of funds into account no. ___________

Dear Sir or Madam

Ms/Mr ____________ (name of person to whose account transmittal will be done) has done the flooring of our house as per invoice attached. S/he was keen if the funds are transferred to her/his account directly without any delay because s/he is in dire need of the money.

You are therefore requested to please transmitRs._________ (rupees ___________ in words) from my account number ____________ to the account of Ms/Mr ___________ in her/his account number _________. Since both the accounts are with different branches of your bank itself, it should be much easier.

For security reasons I have attested Ms/Mr __________ signature as under.

I would appreciate if this is expedited at the earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,

(Name of signing authority)

Encl: As above

(Signature of recipient)

Attested (signature of signing authority)

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