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Letter of Transmittal

Transmittal letter is a form of letter wherein an approval for transfer of funds from one account to another is given. This could be a transfer of funds from one account to another person’s account. It is a letter of approval towards the payment or transfer of payment. This transmittal letter can be given to a financial institution like banks or an individual also. It gives authority to the carrier by the writer. Usually such kind of transmittal takes place in overseas deals.

  • Letter of transmittal is a financial letter and hence care should be taken so that it is given only to the concerned person.
  • The copy of this transmittal letter should be signed by the receiver as it serves as a proof in case of a legal problem.
  • In case this letter is written on behalf of an organization, it should be written on the company letterhead.
  • In case of individuals, it is usually hand written.
  • The letter should be brief, short and up to the point.
  • Date should be mentioned on the top of the letter.
  • The exact amount which is indicated for the transfer should be clearly mentioned.
  • The reason for the transmittal should also be mentioned.

Letter of Transmittal Template

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_____________ ( your address)




_____________ ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

Subject : Transmittal of funds into account no______________

Dear Sir or Madam

Ms/Mr _________ (name of the person on whose account the transfer is being done) has completed the interior decoration of the house as per the invoice. She/he is keen for the transfer of funds into the account without any further delay as she/he is in need of money.

I request you to please transmit Rs._______ (rupees in words______________) from my account number_____________ to the account of Mr/Ms__________ in his/her account number___________. Both the accounts are in different branches of you bank and I think it should not be a problem for the transfer of money.

For the purpose of security, I have attested the signature of Ms/Mr_________ as under.

I request you to process the transmittal at the earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,


(Name of signing authority)

Attested (signature of signing authority)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Letter of Transmittal Sample, Email and Example/Format


Banjara Hills Branch,


Dear Sir,

Pavan Kumar has completed the interior designing of our house as per the invoice attached. I kindly request to transfer an amount of Rs 1,00,000 (One lakh rupees only) to his account no_______ from my account no.___________.

Please consider the matter as urgent and process it urgently.

Best regards,

Harsh Gupta

Letter of Transmittal Generator

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