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Welcome Letter

“Welcome” – a very warm word that brings a smile to your face and warmth in your heart whenever you read or say this word. The Welcome Letter should read and sound exactly as one feels it.

A Welcome Letter is written to show to a group or an individual that their coming has brought about warmth and happiness across. It is the first letter that someone receives on arrival to a new office or new house or new school/college. Needless to say, it makes the long lasting impression on the recipient of the letter. So the letter should be very carefully worded. Appropriate adjectives should be used to ensure that the correct feelings are being conveyed. A lengthy Welcome Letter looses its novelty so make sure that the letter is short and precise.

Preferably a draft of the Welcome Letter should be kept ready so that it is given the moment the individual arrives. It will have its maximum impact only then. A Welcome Letter given late indicates a very casual approach. Just the way they say “A stitch in time saves nine”.


  • Welcome Letter should be written as soon as a new member joins up or comes in
  • Appropriate adjectives should be used while writing a Welcome Letter
  • The tone of the letter should be warm and inspiring
  • The language should make the recipient feel that s/he will be an asset to the institution
  • Please make sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation errors
  • A Welcome Letter should be short and crisp. Long letters loose their value and importance
  • An official Welcome Letter should always be on the company’s letterhead
  • A copy of the Welcome Letter should be put up on the staff notice board to ensure that all employees are aware of the new development
  • In a Welcome Letter it is very important that some details or background of the person being welcomed is given


(This is a sample welcome letter for a new Managing Director who has joined the company)



We are extremely glad and welcome Ms/Mr _____________, who is joining our organization as our new Managing Director. Ms/Mr __________ will take charge from Ms/Mr ____________ (name of the preceding MD) on _______ (date of joining).

Ms/Mr. _____________ has _____ (number of years of work experience) with industries such as _____________ (details of industries or organizations where s/he has worked). _________________ (give details of educational background).

We assure Ms/Mr _________ of all the support that s/he would need while settling in the organization and wish her/him all the very best in her/his endeavors.

Management Team

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