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Apology Letter for Mistake In Order

When a person does mistake he has to apologies for it. Whether it’s done in business or in personal life mistake has to cover with apology. Apology letters are always addressed to the person too whom you want to make an apology. Apology letter contains reason for apology as well as reason for making a mistake. Where as, it should also be written in the letter that same mistake would not be repeated by the person in future.

Mr. Roy R. Scott

Director-Wiz craft Management Pvt. Ltd

3592 Pooz Street

Toms River, NJ 08753

06 September, 2010


Dear, Mr. Roy

I Mr. Adrian S. Sanchez on behalf of ABC Pvt. Ltd sincerely apologies to you for the mistake in purchase order of goods from our side. Recently we acquired new and updated scheduling system thus we were finding some difficulties and problems while delivery. On behalf of my company, I honestly apologies to you for the inconvenience caused by us. After finding that our system is not accurate we immediately replaced it and now it is 100% functional and well versed. Thus I myself taking responsibility that we will now make correct and error less purchase order by the name of your company. Kindly excuses us for this misinterpretation and accept the new purchase order sent to you by our company. Attached with this letter is the new copy of purchase order.

Yours truly,

Mr. Adrian S. Sanchez

Customer Relation Manager-ABC Pvt. Ltd

2209 Briarcliff Road

Queens, NY 11430

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