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Sample Thank you and Appreciate Suggestion Letter


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Dear   ,

Thank you for suggesting me to move on and take the offer with the company in Dubai. Initially I was little apprehensive about it as I had worked with the previous company for 4 years .But now I feel I took a good decision. Now I am settled in the job and also my family is with me. The salary that I get helps me clear most of my loan and after six months I have already got a promotion. I thank you very much for forcing me to take up this job because of which I could help my parents with financial help for my siblings’ education. Before I was unable to do all that. It’s not only the salary part which is satisfactory but the job responsibilities are also something which I always wanted to do. I learn every day from my job and there is so many training and other facilities for personal development.

My superiors are very happy with my work .Every time I get an appreciation I think about you. Thank you for all your support and I have enclosed a small gift along with this letter as a token of appreciation.

Thanks once again for being there for me.


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