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Sample Cancellation Letter

Ms/Mr. ______________


Date: ___________

Subject: Cancellation of orders


Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

This is with regard to the cancellation of orders placed by us to your company in the order no ______ (order no.) dated ________ (date of placing orders).

We request you to kindly cancel all the orders and delivery of items as mentioned in the said document. We will like to bring to your notice that due to changes in the plan of company to manufacture certain kind of products we may not require the items provided by you, hence we are forced to cancel all the orders in this regard.

We regret the inconvenience caused due to this. Kindly contact us in any case of settlement pertaining to the orders and delivery of items. We hope that any issue,  if at all will be settled by mutual consent.

Any further communication in this regard may be directly mentioned and forwarded to me or any managers.


_______________ (Signature)

_______________ (Name)

_______________ (Designation)

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