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Emotional Farewell Letter

An emotional letter indicates an emotional write up the reason for farewell. This letter gives the reason for farewell and can also mention the reason in depth. This letter is written to friends who are close and so it is filled with all emotions and expresses all the feelings.

Sarita Rane,

247, East Street,

New Delhi,


I am really sorry for not informing all of you that I have left for my native place. My dad passed away with a major heart attack every thing at home is ramshackle. As you all know my mom is uneducated so she did not know about the last formalities and could not handle all the things at home.

I need to be home for at least two to three months as I need to get the name transferred of our farm yard and also manage the entire farm staff and assign their work. I need to support them morally and financially also. My mom is still in a shocking state of mind and my grand mom can’t manage the entire conditions. I will call you guys at regular intervals and be in touch. I have taken a break for this assessment year and will join after six months. You all don’t worry and stay calm.

With love,

Yours truly,

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