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Farewell Letter to a Girlfriend

A farewell letter to a girlfriend is written when one wants to end a relationship due to some reasons. There can be various reasons when one wants to end a relation. This letter says a sorry for this kind of an end and also provides the reason for ending the relationship.

Sonia Mathur

228, Lovely House,

New Delhi,


Dear Sonia,

I know you must be desperately trying to contact me. Actually my phone is not reachable as I have come to my native place. My father is ill and has just gone through a minor heart attack. I just got a call from my mother in the office and I had to catch the earliest train to my native place to rush there.

Now my father is fine as he was hospitalized for two days. I need to tell you one more important thing. As my father just escaped with an attack my parents are forcing me to get married with a girl who is staying here. She is just our next door neighbor over here.

I tried convincing them but all in vain. I will have to get married to her taking consideration to my father’s illness.

I had to accept the proposal and so am writing this letter. Please forgive me for this. I could not help it. Try to forget the times we spent together.

Yours loving,


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