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Farewell Letter to a Girlfriend

Farewell letter for a girlfriend is usually written when a person wishes for ending a relationship for certain causes. There can be many causes when a person wishes for finishing a relationship. This kind of letter apologizes for ending a relationship in a good tone. There should also be a reason in this kind of letter for finishing a relationship.

  • Avoiding the past – No earlier issues should be brought within the letter.
  • Main reason for telling farewell should be mentioned properly – The main reason which further results to be a decision of telling farewell should be mentioned clearly in the letter.
  • No misinterpreted feelings should be written – Although the reader should not have a feeling on being dumped.
  • Polite tone should be utilized – Although the tone of the farewell letter should not sound too rude as regarded in the indication of the thought of breaking up. That would be too painful for the writer.
  • It should be hand written – The farewell letter can be said as a sensitive matter, so it should be ideally written by hand.
  • Pointing up the misunderstandings – It should help for preventing some misunderstandings.
  • Provision of certain memorable incidents – This letter should offer some reasons or incidents for the farewell.
  • Sensitive in nature – The nature of the farewell letter should be sensitive. Hence a person should word it aware.
  • Writing in a different manner – A farewell letter is however different from the other types of letters. Therefore one can write it, after thinking about it seriously.
  • The farewell letter for a girlfriend should be written along with a good sense of maturity.

Farewell Letter to a Girlfriend Template

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Rosy Wadia

698, RC Colony,


Dear Rosy,

Hi, I hope so that you are fine. I am writing this letter for a very important matter. I have been transferred to Paris for my job. So I have decided to go there and would not return to return for some years. I would also like to tell you another thing, which is we have to end our relationship, as I cannot carry long distance relationships. It is impossible to handle this relationship along with my job. I would be very busy over there so, if you do not misunderstand me, let’s be separate. You take care of yourself and please forgive me.

Yours lovingly,


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Farewell Letter to a Girlfriend Sample, Email and Example/Format


Sonia Thapa

822, Arch House,



Dear Sonia,

I know you are desperately trying for contacting me. However my phone is not reachable as I am now residing in my native place. My father has recently gone through a heart attack and is ill. So I just received a call from my mom and had to catch a train for reaching my native place. However now he is fine and was also hospitalized for approximately two days. I want to tell you a vital thing. As my father has recovered from the attack, so my parents are willing to see me settled to a girl who is residing here. She stays in my neighborhood. I have tried convincing my parents but all went in vain. I have to get married with her due to by father’s wish for his illness.

I have to accept this proposal. This is the only purpose of writing this letter to you. Please do not think me writing, I have to end this relationship. I do not have any other5 option. Please forgive me. And try to forget the memorable time which we had spent together.

Yours loving,


Email Format

Sonia Mathur

228, Lovely House,

New Delhi,


Dear Sonia,

I know you must be desperately trying to contact me. Actually my phone is not reachable as I have come to my native place. My father is ill and has just gone through a minor heart attack. I just got a call from my mother in the office and I had to catch the earliest train to my native place to rush there.

Now my father is fine as he was hospitalized for two days. I need to tell you one more important thing. As my father just escaped with an attack my parents are forcing me to get married with a girl who is staying here. She is just our next door neighbor over here.

I tried convincing them but all in vain. I will have to get married to her taking consideration to my father’s illness.

I had to accept the proposal and so am writing this letter. Please forgive me for this. I could not help it. Try to forget the times we spent together.

Yours loving,


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