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Farewell Letter to Principal

While passing out of school one can write a farewell letter to the principal to thank him for all the ways he taught you and made you a capable individual.

One can show sincerity and gratitude to the principal by writing a farewell letter to the principal before passing out of school for enlightening you in the correct path.

Hand written letters are forever kept with a person and it might be preferred by the person in the world of technology. This letter communicates your feelings and thoughts to the person you are leaving behind. This leads to a pleasant and memorable departure of the individual who is leaving.

You can also write a letter if your principal is leaving or retiring from school to make the person happy. Your words of appreciation can do a world of good to them and they will never forget you.


These kinds of letters are semi-formal in nature and not too lengthy.

  • Semi formal: the letter can be written semi formally.
  • A proper introduction and conclusion: you should greet and end the letter nicely.
  • Easy and nice words: Use simple, nice and easy words.
  • Good memories:  you can mention the good memories you have shared over the years at your school.
  • Specific and precise sentences: Keep the sentences short, specific and be precise.
  • Grammar must be used correctly: be aware of the grammar you are using while writing a letter to the principal, you sure do not want to get scolded again.
  • Positive and pleasant: the tone of the letter must be positive and pleasant.
  • Appreciate: you must appreciate your principal for teaching you necessary things.
  • Express Gratitude: be thankful.
  • Be Sincere: be genuine and kind while writing the letter.
  • Address to the right person: Address the letter to your principal, include proper salutations.
  • Final Thoughts: you can write of the good times you all shared.
  • Wish for a bright future: finish the letter wishing good luck for future and thank you.
  • Include Tokens: you can include photographs, greetings or a small gift as a token of thanks and remembrance.

Farewell Letter to Principal Template

Use our free Farewell Letter to Principal to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



______________ (Name of the Recipient)
______________ (Address off the Recipient)
______________ (Designation of the Recipient)

Dear Sir,

I, Sid Nath of the outgoing batch would like to thank you for your kind support provided by you from the time I have joined school. It was you who gave me encouragement whenever I felt low.

You were the one always there to support me and helped me become a disciplined student and a smart individual. I’ll miss you and the teachers and thank you once again, dear Sir.

Be in a good health.



_________ (Name of the Sender)


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Farewell Letter to Principal Sample, Email and Example/Format



The Principal
St. Jesus School
14, Kumar Ganj Road
Kolkata: 700065

Dear Principal Sir,

Warm wishes to you. I, Sudeep Kar of the outgoing batch would like to express thanks for the kindness and affection you have shown towards me since the time I have entered the school. You have taught us to differentiate between the good and bad. Also, you have given me suggestions from time to time.

It was you who helped me be comfortable in school and you were always there in times of need as a strong guide. I am what I’m today only because of you. Thank you for all the love, care and kindness.

I’ll miss you, sir and would always be in touch with you. Do take care!

Thanking You,


Yours Obediently,

Sudeep Kar




Email Format

While passing out from a school one can write a farewell letter to the principal thanking him for all the ways and means the staff has taught and educated students. One can show sincere gratitude to the teaching authorities and the principal of the school for showing the correct path.

Dear Sir,

I Sam Ahuja of the out going batch would like to express my gratitude to you. With warm wishes I would like to thank you for the kind support provided by you and your school. It was you who gave me encouragement and support to fare well for all the exams and without the entire teacher’s support I wouldn’t have chosen the right track.

You were the one who showed the way to my class room on my first day to school and its all because of you and your staff I could fare well in my exams and turned out to be one of the well behaved and a good disciplined student. I will be missing all our teachers and the non teaching staff for my entire life ahead. Our schooling is the first stage to success and I think I have made it. Once again thanking you sir for all your support.



Sam Ahuja


Farewell Letter to Principal Generator

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