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Farewell Letter to Principal

While passing out from a school one can write a farewell letter to the principal thanking him for all the ways and means the staff has taught and educated students. One can show sincere gratitude to the teaching authorities and the principal of the school for showing the correct path.

Son and Moon School,

Street 16, Navi Mumbai,

Mumbai, India.

Dear Sir,

I Sam Ahuja of the out going batch would like to express my gratitude to you. With warm wishes I would like to thank you for the kind support provided by you and your school. It was you who gave me encouragement and support to fare well for all the exams and without the entire teacher’s support I wouldn’t have chosen the right track.

You were the one who showed the way to my class room on my first day to school and its all because of you and your staff I could fare well in my exams and turned out to be one of the well behaved and a good disciplined student. I will be missing all our teachers and the non teaching staff for my entire life ahead. Our schooling is the first stage to success and I think I have made it. Once again thanking you sir for all your support.


Sam Ahuja

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