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Teacher Farewell Letter

Teacher farewell letter is usually written for thanking the person for his or her guidance and assistance in helping a student in scoring great marks. Writing farewell letter to a teacher is also the way of saying thanks for teaching various skills being taught to the student. The teacher is appreciated for his or her support and patience for gaining great results.

Tips for writing teacher farewell letter

  • Should be written by hand – Teacher farewell letter is a personal letter and should be strictly written b y hand.
  • Sensitive in nature – As teacher farewell letter is sensitive; the words used should be perfect and appropriate.
  • Polite tone to be used – While writing teacher farewell letter, a person should utilize polite phrases and tone. The reader should not feel embarrassed or angry by harsh or rude words.
  • Mention some wonderful memories – This kind of farewell letter should mention certain incidents which were memorable for the students as well as the teacher.
  • Writing differently – A person should write teacher farewell letter in a different manner with a serious framing.
  • Should contain emotions – As these kinds of farewell letters are written by the students, it should comprise of emotions. It can tend to be a caring one for the teacher.
  • Should be appreciative – As the teacher farewell letter is a final goodbye for the teacher, it should comprise of appreciation and respect for the works and skills.
  • Should be personal – This kind of letter should be very much personal as it is being written by student to the teacher.
  • During writing such farewell letter it is important to say thank you or pay gratitude for the cooperation and support provided by the teacher.

Sample for writing teacher farewell letter Sample


Mrs. Tina Bajaj

71B, Kamala Nagar,

Delhi, India

Dear Mrs. Tina,

I hope that you are doing great Madam. I am confident that you are very happy with the results being scored in the terminals. With extreme happiness I want to say you that I have topped in your subject in the entire university. However you will be very impressed and proud by knowing the results which I have scored and I have set a huge record within the whole education system. I could not have topped the terminals without your support, hard work and blessings. Only with your skills and guidance I have made possible to score such good marks in the examination.

I even remember the assistance which you have given me in spite of your bad health. That was very nice of you and I thank you for giving me good knowledge. Thank you once again in making me successful and will miss you a lot Madam.

Yours truly,


Monica Sinha

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