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Business Holiday Letter

A business holiday letter is written by an employer/boss to the employee/employees to inform about his/her plans to conduct a business meeting at an out-station location and combine it with a holiday thereafter. Since the location is out-station, the employer intimates well in advance so that the employee can manage his/her commitments. The intent is to complete business work and allow the employee/employees to relax for a short while in the holiday setting.

Here are some useful tips for writing business holiday letter:

  1. Start by mentioning the out-station venue chosen for work and specific reasons for it if any.
  2. Ask the employee to attend this out-station meeting giving suitable reasons.
  3. Mention about the holiday he/she can enjoy with family after completing all meetings at the holiday venue.
  4. Clearly state the dates for the trip including official meeting dates and the duration of holiday the employee can enjoy thereafter.
  5. End by asking the employee to revert confirming his/her willingness.

Business Holiday Letter Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Business Holiday

Dear Kevin,

As discussed earlier, I have convinced our management for conducting the final round of meetings with our major prospective Asian client at the organization’s beach-house at Palm Island since they have a fondness for sea-side ambience.

Since you have done all the ground-work and accompanied me in the preliminary rounds of discussions with this client, I wanted to ask you to attend the final round of talks as well before signing the contract.

As a bonus, you can get your family along and enjoy a holiday for one week at the beach-house after completing work-commitments.

We will reach the venue on 15December2013. After we complete official meetings on 17December2013, the rest of the team will return while you can stay on and enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

Please revert confirming your willingness so that we can complete necessary reservations and booking procedures.


Jake Johnson

Senior Manager, Marketing

Kobelco Packers

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