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Insurance Prospecting Letter

An Insurance Prospecting Letter is written for seeking insurance claim from the respective company. It should give the details regarding the insurance and the reason why the insurance claim is being done should be explained in detail. Insurance claims are requested when there is any accident or any untoward incident. If correct details are mentioned the person in charge should comprehend the situation and should be ready to send an appropriate reply as well.


1. Mention your policy number so that the company personnel can check your records.

2. You have to give a detailed description of the incident for which you want to claim the charges.

3. Request the concerned authorities to consider the matter as an urgent issue.

Insurance Prospecting Letter Sample



Mary Elizabeth

Newton Road, New York





The Insurance officer

Insurance Claims division,

Star insurance Company

New York

Dear Sir,

This letter is in regard to the insurance claim I want to claim for my vehicle. I have a policy of your company and the policy number is 100987654.

I am providing the details of the accident occurred:

I went to my office in my car on 24/8/2013. I parked my car in the allotted place. Unexpectedly a truck came into the parking area and tried to park in the gap between two cars. In this process the driver hit my vehicle from behind. The impact was huge and it smashed the body of the vehicle. Immediately I spoke to your customer care and gave the detailed information I am sending the copies of all the receipts you have issued for proof.

I have verified the papers and noted that I am eligible for claiming the insurance worth $25,000. One of your representatives visited my place and filled up all the forms related to the process. He informed me that the representatives from your company will get back to me with the necessary information and start the process at the earliest.

I have been waiting for your response all these days. It has been two weeks and I did not receive any mail or information from your end. I hope you will look into the matter, assess the situation and send your representative with the necessary documents for the claim. I hope to receive the requested amount of money as insurance claim from your company. Anticipating your reply at the earliest,

Thanking you,



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