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Business Introduction Letter Template

Below there is a template of Business introduction letter, steps you should follow in order to write a proper Business introduction letter. It is quite simple, but still requires some attention. Therefore, dedicate 5 minutes to review it.

From: your name (e.g.LusinBraidow)

Designation (e.g.Managing director)

Company name (e.g.Weddings solutions LTD)

Address: (e.g.12 Archangelosstr)

City, country (e.g.Athens, Greece)

To: the name of the reciepent (e.g. Arina Maslow)

General Manager

Name of the company (e.g.ALISA wedding dresses)

Address: (e.g.11 Grameloustr)

City, country (e.g.Athens, Greece)

The letter shall start from brief introduction of the sender. Don’t make it long, just mention the name, the company you are presenting, the position you held within a company, the projects undertaken.

Then start to describe the company: the services/products you offer, the experience, main strengths of the Company.

The following you should do is mentioning the aim of this business introduction letter. Focus on your main offer, try to formulate it shortly.

It is good to mention that one of the representatives of your company will contact your potential partners to discuss the matter in details. They can always have some questions.

End the letter with “Sincerely”

Close it with a signature and the position held within a company.


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