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Introduction Letter Format

Every letter has its format. So does an introduction letter. Introduction letters are either formal letters or informal letters that are meant to introduce either a commodity or a person or an organization. Such letters can be long or short depending on the people writing them and those receiving them. Therefore introduction letters can have several formats. Sometimes they may be long, and sometimes their expanse may be short. Introduction letters are important letters as every commodity, employee, member or individual requires some introduction for somebody who has never heard of them or known them. Therefore introduction letters command a lot of importance. They have to be written well for them to have a good impact on the reader. For example, if the writer is trying to introduce a new product and does not send his customer or patron an introduction letter, the customer will not know what the product while purchasing it. Some people might interpret this as a sign of ignorance or indifference on the part of the company. Therefore introduction letters have to be well-written.

  • Make your point well. See to it that by the time you end the letter, the thing or person you are trying to introduce will be well informed and fortified with the information you were trying to convey.
  • Never make the letter too long, no matter how informal it is. Sometimes, it is just necessary to get an introduction across, and sometimes it is necessary to say a lot more along with the introduction. In either of these cases, take care to not say a lot about the thing or person you are talking about, because just like a regular introduction, an introduction letter also should be short, concise and informative.

Introduction Letter Format Template

Use our free Introduction Letter Format to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.










Dear Mr./Ms.______,

I’m writing you this letter to inform you that the _____________ [mention object of introduction] has just been introduced in our ______ [mention company, group, organization, neighborhood]. I believe it would be of great use to you, and I therefore urge to go and try it out.

There are also some ______ [mention some additional features that you might know and are hopeful the person might like]. I therefore think you will like it greatly.


________ [Your name]

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Introduction Letter Format Sample, Email and Example/Format


Dear ______ [Name of recipient],

I wish to inform you about the new bakery, Le Sucre, that has opened in our neighborhood. I believe you are a connoisseur of good food, and given your frequent trips to Paris, I believe you would greatly enjoy the environment and the ambience.

Eateries aren’t an uncommon feature in our locality. But sometimes they require that special hint of professionalism and finesse that I believe that Le Sucre has that hint. I therefore strongly urge to you try out their croissants and brioches, as I’m sure you will like them greatly. Perhaps someday the two of us could go together and buy our families a nice breakfast. Do call me when you’re free and we’ll make a plan to go.



Email Format


Bruce Graydon


Selins and Co.

New Jersey



Brian Jelbert



New Jersey

Dear Mr. Jelbert,

Let me clarify some details regarding the introduction letter format.

In the beginning there is a short introduction of the sender of the letter required. There is no need to write long introduction, just be very clear and mention important points.

Second paragraph of the letter relates to the candidate that is being introduced. Here you can mention the reasons of introducing this candidate, mention his advantages, strong points. Support your candidate as much as you can. Be honest in giving the information in order not to be embarrassed and avoid misunderstanding in the future.

The letter should be ended with thanks.

It is also advantageous to attach resume or other related documents of the candidate along with the letter.

Hope, all the mentioned above helped you.


Bruce Graydon

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