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Introduction Letter Format

Summary: Mentioned below Introduction letter format sample letter  is aimed to give right instructions to the sender of the introduction letter in order to avoid mistakes in future. The letter can be in advance to the person who is going to suggest the candidate.


Bruce Graydon


Selins and Co.

New Jersey



Brian Jelbert



New Jersey

Dear Mr. Jelbert,

Let me clarify some details regarding the introduction letter format.

In the beginning there  is a short introduction of the sender of the letter required. There is no need to write long introduction, just be very clear and mention important points.

Second paragraph of the letter relates to the candidate that is being introduced. Here you can mention the reasons of introducing this candidate, mention his advantages, strong points. Support your candidate as much as  you can. Be honest in giving the information in order not to be embarrassed and avoid misunderstanding in the future.

The letter should be ended with thanks.

It is also advantageous to attach resume or other related documents of the candidate along with the letter.

Hope, all the mentioned above helped you.


Bruce Graydon

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