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Introduction Letter Template

Introduction letter is important when there is a need to introduce someone formally. The reasons for writing this kind of letter can be different. Below there is a sample of the introduction letter template suggesting a candidate for the vacant place in a company.


Karina Baker

Marketing manager

25 Baker street

London, United Kingdom

12 March, 2010


Mr. John Harrison

General manager

B technologies LTD

Dear Mr. Harrison,

My name is Karina Baker. We met last week on the conference organized by our mutual partner “AAA LTD”.  I am writing this letter with the purpose to introduce you  Mr. GreikSwinver. He is very good friend of mine. During our meeting at the conference you mentioned that there is a vacancy of the IT specialist at your company. I am taking this chance to introduce you such a specialist. Mr. Greik has many years’ experience and good educational background.  There are enclosed CV and other relevant documents of Mr. Swinver along with this letter. Please, consider him as one of the candidates for this vacancy. I will really appreciate if you arrange a personal appointment with him.

Thanking you in advance,

Best regards,

Karina Baker

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