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Christmas Greetings Letter

Christmas is the only festival which is the most joyous celebration to us Christians. It is the birth of our king Jesus Christ. Christmas greetings letters are mostly personalized type of letters and it is drafted in such a way that even the official wishes through greetings to whether it may be a employee or the management or any senior executive, it will always be  written in a friendly manner. In greeting Christmas letters, we get to see a lot of well wishes, blessings, joy, a new hope for the coming days ahead.

Shannon D. Walker
6955 Deride Way SW, Apt B107
Seattle, WA 98106-1679.

29th October 2010.

Subject: Christmas greetings letter.

Dear Shannon,

The time to celebrate the birth of Jesus is this “Christmas”. With this Christmas Greeting comes my fervent wish of a merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead of you.

Without you there is no happiness and joy in my life. These holiday season greetings are the most special gift from our family to yours.  I think of all the good times we shared simultaneously. You have given me so much companionship, and there is no one who had given me the same till now. You were such a dear friend and I want to let you know that our Christmas seasons together, will always be my most cherished memories.

Yours Truly,

Oliver B. James.


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