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Employment Letter Of Enquiry

Employment letter enquiry should be written in a very formal fashion and precise manner. The letter should be addressed in such a way that it is to the point and should be able to fulfill the writer’s purpose of writing the letter. Ensure that the letter is meant for the right employer as it may get traveled from one department to another and also lose the purpose. If you know the person start with “Dear Sir/Madam”, else if it is to be addressed in general to any dept. start with “To whomsoever it may concern”.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)


Dear ___________,

It would be my honor to work at your prestigious organization. To work with at your office environment would provide me immense knowledge and skills. Getting a chance to work with one of the best company in the Metro would impart me with talent and overall development of the personality.

Having completed MBA in Human Resource Management with 88% and being rewarded as the best student of the year in (college/university), my studies has paved me a way. During my academic year I have also won several prizes in the field of communication and managing resources optimally. To work as a Human Resource Executive at your organization with Human Resource Department will help me groom myself and achieve greater heights.

I have studied that ABC Ltd. (organization) has one of the best HR team in the industry. It very well maintains every of its employees. And is also one of the best in terms of organizing events, employees salary; gratuity; voluntary retirement scheme; provident fund; pension fund; bonus and incentives; conveyance. This all indicates that your HR dept. takes care of each and every associate. And I would be glad such a prestigious organization.

Yours sincerely,


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