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Important Letters

Admission Letter : You can learn to write high quality Admission letters by using the examples and samples mentioned here. You can use these letters for obtaining admission to schools, colleges and others institutes.

Advice Letter : Use the examples mentioned here for writing the appropriate Advice letters. There are various ways of writing Advice letters as it depends on the particular condition and situation. Advice letters are widely used across the varying business scenarios.

Appraisal Letter: You can write the Appraisal letters for informing employees of the organization about their performance throughout the appraisal period. It informs the employees regarding their good work in addition to the salary increment offered to them.

Approval Letter : Use the sample approval letter for writing approval letter for varied reasons including giving permission at work, approving project or approving loan and others. You can learn to write professional approval letter by studying the samples mentioned here.

Bonus Letter : Write an effective Bonus letter by using the Bonus letter format. Bonus letter is written to inform the employee about his Bonus amount and to acknowledge her/his efforts.

Christmas Letter : Get the idea of writing an effective and appropriate Christmas Letter by learning the examples of Christmas letters. A good Christmas letter upbeats the festivities mood and is a remarkable way of wishing Happy Christmas.

Community Letter : A Community Letter is written to discuss the local environmental problems, or safety concerns that need the collective action from the community. You can learn to write professional Community Letter by studying the examples of Community Letters.

Complain Letter : Writing a good Complaint letter is an art and demands your high level of letter writing skills. You can learn to write a professional Complaint letter by using the examples.

Compliment Letter : A good Compliment letter is written to appreciate the achievements the receiver. It has to be designed with words of gratitude. One can use the samples of Compliment letter to frame one’s own compliment letter.

Debt Letter : Use the format of debt letter to write your own debt letter with professional words and sentences. The examples provided help you in customizing your debt letter as per the requirement.

Decline Letter : The sample decline letter assists in writing the decline letter where you can promptly decline the offer made to you without hurting the feelings of the receiver. The examples of the Decline provide the proper guidelines for writing a Debt letter.

Delegation Letter : Delegation letter needs to be written with very precise words and utmost care as it is designed to serve the purpose of getting work done through others. One can study the templates of Delegation letter to study how to write a good Delegation letter.

Denial Letter : The Denial letter has to be written with great care so that it does not hurt the sentiments of other person. It is written when the employer writes to the employee to inform him that he is not selected for the job or in cases where a request made by someone is denied by other.

Discipline Letter : Discipline is related to the process of following set rules in one’s work place or place of study. A Discipline letter needs to be factual and professional as it is usually written to fire a bad employee.

Dispute Letter : You can learn to write a Dispute letter by studying the samples and examples of the Dispute letter. A Dispute letter is written to clear the stand of the parties on the related matter and eliminate unverifiable information.

Encouragement Letter : Encouragement letters are used to express genuine support and motivate others to achieve big things in life. You can use many words of appreciation and encouragement in the letter. A well written encouragement letter motivates the reader to a great extent.

Explanation Letter : An explanation letter is designed in response to a complaint on a certain issue. It needs to be written with proper words that can convey the meaning clearly and include the explanatory reasons for the complaint.

Extension Letter : It is written as a form of request for extending the deadline given for either completing the project on time or extending the date of accepting the offer. You can study the template of the Extension letter for learning how to write an extension letter.

Fire Letter : Fire Letter is written to inform people about a place that had caught fire leading to the damage of life and property. One needs to send the fire letter immediately as the fire has broken out. The tone of the letter needs to be subtle and subdued.

Get Well Letter : A Get Well Letter conveys the good wishes from friends and family. It should be written when one gets the news of someone being unwell. The main purpose of the letters is to upbeat the mood of the recipient and gets her/him out from the sad state of mind.

Gift Letter : A Gift Letter is written to inform the recipient about the gift attached with the letter. It is written to ensure that the recipient looks the gift at a time of reading the letter. One can also give the details of the gift that is given.

Greeting Letter : You can write an amazing greeting letter to your friends and relatives by using examples of greeting letter. A greeting letter is written to share your joys with others. It can be written with lots of creativity and is supposed to be fun filled.

Help Letter : A Help letter is written to convey the message that you need help from others. You can learn to write an appealing and effective help letter to ensure that you receive the required assistance in time.

Holiday Letter : A perfect holiday letter is written to offer your gratitude to others who have helped you in times of need. This letter carries the wishes of the festive season along with it. It also describe about the help offered by the reader to sender.

Inform Letter : It is written to provide information to others. It is widely used in the organizations to inform the employees about the decisions taken by the management. It also details about the reasons for taking the decisions.

Insurance Letter : An Insurance Letter is written to inform the public about the new product launch in the market. It comprises of all the details including the minute ones regarding the product. The letter highlights not only the pros but also the cons involved.

Job Letter : A job letter comprises of brief introduction of the sender along with the education and experience that are relevant to the post. One can also highlight one’s achievements at the job to create a favorable impression on the employer or recruiter.

Legal Letter : A Legal Letter is written from one party to other party’s lawyer. It is written to reply to the demanding situation. Some examples of Legal letters include Contract Letter, Agreement Letter Lease Letter, Rental Letter and others. You can learn to write professional and high quality legal letters by studying the Legal Letter templates.

Letter to The President : A Letter to the President should be written for highlighting the issue that impacts and benefits the country at large. This letters goes through the President Office before reaching the President. One should take care to use the professional language in the letter.

Membership Letter : A Membership Letter is written either as a two-way communication where an individual shows her interest for the membership and in cases where the institution accepts the membership of an applicant.

Mortgage Marketing Letter : A Mortgage Marketing Letter is written to create awareness to the potential customers about the existence of companies that are involved in the Mortgage Marketing. One needs to ensure that this letter is written on the company’s letterhead.

Nomination Letter : A Nomination Letter is written by an individual or a group that supports the candidature of other individual or party. You can learn to write a god nomination letter by studying the examples of the Nomination letter here.

Payment Letter: This letter is written by the company when the customer does not make payment towards a product or service. It is also written by the customer in case he wants to make the payment towards a product or service. It is basically a gentle reminder to remind the person about the due payment. You can learn to write a nice payment letter by studying the templates mentioned here.

Policy Letter : A Policy Letter is written to communicate the concerned people about a decision taken by management of the organization. It is related to changes in the company policies or code of conduct. One can write a well designed policy letter by studying the samples of the policy letter here.

Postponement Letter : A postponement is written to inform the other person about the postponement of the event that is earlier scheduled to take place at a particular time and place. One should be careful to address this letter to all the persons concerned to the event so that they come to know of the latest updates related to the event.

Recognition Letter: It is written to inform the organization that you would like to leave the organization. One should clearly mention the reason for leaving the company in the letter. If one does not want to share the reasons of leaving, one can mention it as the personal reasons. You can also thank the organization for giving the chance to serve them.

Reconsideration Letter : A Reconsideration Letter is written in the cases when an application or request has been rejected or the person is being eliminated. This letters requests the concerned authority to reconsider their decision. It should only be written if one has the strong points in against the decision.

Refusal Letter : A Refusal Letter is written in cases when a request made by the person is not approved because of some genuine reasons. A Refusal Letter needs to be written for refusing the request that has been taken. One should ensure that the tone of the Refusal Letter does not sound sarcastic.

Release Letter: A Release Letter is written for indicating that the request for the release has been accepted. It gives out the details for accepting the release in addition to the effective date for the release of the person or commodity. You can find useful examples and format of release letter here.

Repair Letter : You can use the examples for writing the suitable Repair letters. There are different ways of writing Repair letters as it is related to the particular condition and situation. Repair letters are used to inform the concerned persons for the repair of the various commodities that might have been damaged.

Representative Letter : A Representative Letter is written for introducing the individual to others. It indicates that the individual who carries the letter is authorized for taking the decisions; participate in the meeting on behalf of the sender of the letter.

Reprimand Letter: A Reprimand Letter is an official letter that is written by the organization and is addressed to an individual whose behavior does not meet the accepted norms. The nature of this letter is exceptionally unpleasant in nature for the reader.

Reservation Letter : A Reservation Letter is written for confirming about the conditions agreed upon and the reservation to the other party. A Reservation Letter is usually written in the final stages of all the negotiations. This letter is written for reiterating the final points of the decision.

Response Letter : The Response letter is helpful in encouraging the customers for buying the products. It details about the benefits of the products presented in the nice manner. You can study the sample and examples of the response letters to learn how to write an effective response letter.

Service Letter : This service letter gives information regarding the services offered by you. It should include the relevant points of your business. You should exactly mention all the amenities provided to the customer.

Suggestion Letter : A Suggestion Letter is written in order to advise others to do something. It is addressed to a person who needs suggestion for taking the decisions in the difficult and confusing situations.

Tax Letter : A Tax Letter is a government letter that is sent to a tax defaulter by an authorized government employee. This letter is contains the detailed analysis of taxes applied, payment history and amount due from the payee.

Valentine Letter : A Valentine Letter is written for expressing the love and emotions of the sender for his beloved. It can be either a letter for expressing one’s feeling of love. Even it can also be written for apologizing for something that might have hurt the feelings of beloved person.

Wedding Letter : A congratulations wedding letter is written for expressing your joy and for conveying the heartiest congratulations to others. You can study the various letters and templates of wedding letter for writing an awesome wedding letter.

Wishes Letter : A wish letter is written for expressing your wishes for others. It can be written on various occasions including various festivals, events, achievements, and others. Learn to write creative and fun filled wishes letter by studying the sample of Wishes letter here.

Withdrawal Letter : A Withdrawal Letter is written in cases where an individual decides to withdraw his name from an event or from an offer where he had confirmed his participation earlier. It can be any sort of withdrawal like withdrawal from the college election or withdrawal from participating in a sports event.

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