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Insurance Marketing Letter




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Dear Sir,

In today’s life of tragedies and unexpected destruction all around, it’s a must for everyone to have insurance for themselves. It’s always advisable to plan before hand, as calamities and destruction give no warning. You can reduce the loss by insuring your life and property with __________ life insurance Company. We are reliable, secure and instant. Our compensation procedure is also easy and doesn’t take too much of time. There are different kinds of plans like the children’s plan, pension plan whole life plan etc. and you can choose from the range of plans. We at __________ life insurance help customers understand the need for financial planning and insurance.

If you love yourself and your family and want to secure your families future __________ is the best place to insure. Insure your life and secure your families future with us. The best plan for you depends on the benefit you are seeking .If you are interested please call at the number given below and our agent will come and meet you at your convenient time.

Thank you,

__________ Life insurance,


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