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Farewell Letters – Sample Farewell Letters

Farewell letters are written to colleagues or counter parts while leaving a company. This letter is written in appreciation to co-ordination and the time spent working together. Letter bids a farewell and also appreciates the time spent together. The letter consists of warm regards and the reason for leaving the company in broader terms. Negative statements must be avoided and one can leave behind the contact details for future references.

7th April ’2010

Dear Freddy,

I have decided to bid a farewell to my position of asst. manager with Vivacore Metals during this month end. This is a note to my resignation from this company and joining a new company for personal reasons.

I will be joining a new position with Inchzarity Company ltd. in the following month. All my follow ups have been forwarded to Jane and Melissa and the locker keys have been forwarded to Human resources department. I am thankful for all your support and the lovely time we spent together working for this company.

Will send you my new cell number, once I receive it. Feel free to contact me any time on my personal e-mail address.

Best regards,

John Lamb.

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