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Sample Santa Christmas Letter

Dear Santa,

Its Christmas again and I can never forget the gift that you gave last year. I have tried to be the best person this year and I have not done anything wrong to anyone. Santa please bring peace and happiness in the entire world. Let everyone have a peaceful life. I hope you know that have done everything good this year and I hope you understand what I want. Please give everything that my sister and parents want. My sister is studying hard to get into engineering and wish to become a computer engineer and make my parents proud. My parent’s always wished that someone from their family should become an engineer.

I was waiting for this day from long time and wanted to write. There is so much I would like to write, but I really don’t know what to write. There is disturbances and natural disaster every part of the world and no peace around. Let every person on earth be happy and have fun and joy, let this Christmas bring prosperity and wealth in every household.

Santa my dear friends father expired few months back, give them all the support and confidence they need and give them strength to cope with their loss.

I am sure you will take care of them.

Thank you Santa.

Your name.

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