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Marriage Proposal Letter

Summary: This letter is written to offer the prospect of marriage from a guy to a lady, with the guy expressing how he feels about her and why he feels it is the right time for them to tie the knot. The sender proposes how his future should be in a new status. He awaits her decision patiently.

Charlotte M. Williams

95 Bury Rd
DL13 9RK

My dear Charlotte

I am taking a bold step today in penning down a big decision to follow my heart and express my deep feelings for you. This is not a rash decision as I have taken the time to ponder over it carefully. I would like to propose marriage to you, inviting you to share the rest of my life with me.

We have known each other for quite some time now, and I have enjoyed all those pleasurable moments. I feel that we understand each other very well and are very compatible in many areas. I can envisage how lovely each day will be waking up with the one I love next to me.

Since we are both quite established with our careers, let us take on a new phase of our lives together with marriage. I hope you will take time to consider my marriage proposal favorably with a quick reply.

In great expectation,

Benjamin Parker

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