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Proposal Letter for Training

Summary: This letter is from a training supervisor to inform his assigned ward in a specific training program. The training supervisor makes himself known to the training candidate, offering assistance and personal contact information in making the candidate’s training experience a beneficial and invaluable one.

Aron Duda

25, Rue de la Pompe

August 21st 2010

Dear Aron,

Congratulations on your successful application to participate in the Metro Training program. I am writing to inform you that I will be your training supervisor for the whole duration of your Metro Training.

I will offer you my expertise and experience to guide you at every step of the training, as I make myself available to your queries and clarifications on any issue regarding the training. I will be your support throughout the training to ensure that your Metro Training experience will be a memorable and experiential one.

I shall be contacting you soon for a meet up. Meanwhile, enclosed is my contact information for your convenience if you should need to contact me. I am committed to assisting you in fulfilling your personal and career goals.

I look forward to a meaningful partnership to give you a positive experience through this training.

Yours Sincerely,

Jim Wiley

Training Supervisor

Metro Training

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