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Proposal Letter to a Company

Summary: This is a proposal letter to a company written to state the prices and delivery of the required commodities to the concerned. It discuses all the important issues such as timing, billing and the other essential requirements for the continuation of the project so that concerned persons can be acquainted of.

September 26, 2010

RAP Group,


Hello Sir,

We have drafted this proposal considering your requirements.

As per our planning, 1800 new edition books are there to be developed by us which would be a blend of new ideas as well as appreciated materials from the available books to aim the new age customers.

The production cost of these new edition books will be as stated: $ 120.

The schedule of the payment will be:

$ 500- On acceptance of the proposal.

$ 45 – On of delivery of each book.

$ 30 – On delivery of the final book.

Checks will be made payable to the Contractor.

We intend to work as soon as the proposal is accepted and will dispatch the products within specified time limit. The dates are scheduled expecting your prompt approval.

Book 1 Title Date to be delivered.

Book 2 etc.

We urge you to accept the proposal on or before 18 Oct. so that the deadlines could be met. The beginning of the work requires attested fax copy by the authority followed by signed hard copy.

Contractor: John Crow.

Clint: Josh Lee.

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