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Request for Proposal Letter

Summary: An invitation letter to submit a proposal indicating an extension of contract for further collaboration due to the satisfactory performance of the contracted company. The contracted company has the options to accept or decline the collaboration extension with a business proposal accepting the terms & conditions or with a decline justification letter respectively.

Ilan Woutersen

SandCo Pvt Ltd

Tuulimyllyntie 58

June 2nd 2010

Dear Mr. Woutersen

We are pleased to inform you that JenRoe Co Ltd is inviting SandCo Pvt Ltd to submit a business proposal for extension of business collaboration of another 2 years for promoting JenRoe’s market products.

We are happy to inform you that we have found your performance and services to JenRoe to be very satisfactory in the past collaboration and would like to extend this collaboration for another 2 years, since our contract is expiring at month end. Please note that the current terms and conditions as well as payment remain status quo for the new contract.

Should SandCo decline this renewal invitation, kindly submit a justification letter to JenRoe a week before the current contract expires.

We hope to hear favorably from you soon.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Cassandra Tyler

Contract Manager

JenRoe Co Ltd

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