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Letter Requesting Information of a Candidate

Dear Sir,

I am the senior recruiting manager and in response to our advertisement for the position of __________ we have received different application and we have selected some of the best applications. ________ is one among them and from his resume we get to feel that he is the best candidate for the position we are looking for. He had an experience of five years in your company and his performances report shows that he is been very hardworking and consistent in his work, also he is an go-getter and achiever. There was also a written test conducted among which is his scores were among the top three. As we were finalizing the results we realized that he was a good match to our requirement.

As you are aware as per the company policy we ask for two immediate references and is given your name as the first reference. I am aware that he worked under your supervision for three years. Since you are the first reference we would like to know from you about his professional abilities and credentials with best of your knowledge, please write to us with all details whenever possible. As we want to fill the position soon we would appreciate if you can write to us as soon as possible. Also if you are free any time we would like to speak you. My contact number is given above. Thank you for your cooperation and looking forward to an early reply.


Your name.

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