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Sample Request Letter for personal loan


Ms/Mr. ______________


Date: ___________

Subject: To request a copy of mark sheet

Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

With due respect I will like to request you for an duplicate copy of following documents issued in my name as on mentioned date

1. Mark sheet of 7th and 8th semester serial no ______ and _________ respectively dated ______ (date)

2. Certificate of completion of course

3. Migration certificate an

4. Distinction certificate

I will like to mention that I lost these certificates recently and a police complaint has been made in this regard, a copy of which is attached along with this letter.

It would be worth mentioning that kindly issue these certificates as soon as possible as I need them to appear for a government exam.

Kindly have sympathetic regards and issue the certificates at the earliest ,

Thanking you

Yours faithfully


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