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Sample Loan Request Letter

Summary: This sample functions to present a request for a bank loan from a long time patron of the bank. The loan amount is specified with relevant personal information given and the necessary loan forms filled and attached to favor this loan request. The reason for this loan request is also stated for due consideration.

Dominic M. Stone

Loans Manager

Benson Bank

3404 Burdett Avenue
Lakelse Lake, BC V8G 2V2

June 28th 2010

Re: Loan Request of $80,000 by A/c No: J8234543

Dear Mr. Stone

I have been a faithful patron of your bank, Benson Bank with a savings account for the last 7 years. There has never been any overdraft against my account. My salary is also banked into my account at your bank at every month end and there is always a good balance in my savings account.

As such, I am writing to request a loan of $80,000 for my recent purchase of a new home. I have attached the necessary loan documents and forms as per your bank regulations.

Please contact me if you need further information to assist you in making the approval to my request. Your prompt approval response would be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance

Manny Moses

Account Holder

Savings A/c No.: J8234543

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