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Sample Request Letter

Sample request letter is written to request the samples or requesting something from someone in the writing format.

Ms/Mr. ______________


Date: ___________

Subject:  request for allotment of more money

Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

This is with regard to allotment of money for various departments for the current fiscal year under the company’s budget for the economic year 2010-2011. We feel that sales department has been allotted less money in this budget.

We bring to your attention that the sales department has the highest performance rate and needs more monetary assistance to continue it’s applaud able work done by the department. There has been increase in prices of all items purchased by the department, and with further increase in its services the expenditure of the department has increased considerably. Hence the current allotment of amount won’t be enough to sustain the growth and productivity of the department.

We expect that this will be taken into consideration and steps will be taken in this regard.

Thanking you




Sales department


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