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Business Sales Letter


The objective of this letter is to put forth your business proposal to another business establishment. The intention is to sell out some of your outlets to the other company. A brief description about what your company does and how good your outlets are doing is presented so that the buyer knows his profits. You outlet purchase offer is put forth and the buyer’s decision is requested.

Mr. Ben L. Fleming,

Managing Director,

Western House Investments Ltd.

82 Walden Road

13th September 2010

Dear Mr. Fleming,

Jeffrey & Company is a company dealing with fast food based in London. We have a number of outlets scattered in many cities and towns of the country. Our outlets are popular among lots of young people in many cities including Manchester Birmingham and Liverpool. Our restaurants offer popular venues for social gatherings with their modern ambience and the food with great taste.

We have plans to expand our business to Scotland and France and we need capital for the purpose. As a fundraising strategy we are planning to sell a few of our outlets to interested investors. If you decide to take this opportunity, you will become a shareholder of Jeffrey & Company. This is an opportunity for you to be a part of a fast growing company.

For further details of this offer and the outlets that are on sale, please visit our website www.jefreyandcompany.com. We are awaiting your response.

Yours truly,

Andrew R Fleming

Managing Director,

Jeffrey & Co.

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