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Holiday Sales Letter

Summary: You know many companies, shops, malls etc are providing many holiday offers to the customers. To make the clients avail of the offers, services and discounts given by the company as holiday packages are described under Holiday Sales Letters. See the example below.

Diva Zen,

General Manager,

Zavanna Bank.


Mr. Diva,

[Subject: Grand Diwali Sale by J.J Brothers]

First, a very Happy Diwali wishes to you. In this season, we are providing great deal of discount of up to 65%, especially to your bank’s customers and you can impress them by providing them with great deals with us.

You must be shocked with this. Just purchase the discount coupons from any J.J Brother mall and give it to your customers. It is the best time to impress your customer old customers and to attract new. Bring new jewellry for your family and loved ones.

One thing keep in mind, this is a limited offer, which is exclusively for you and your bank due to the financial partnership. So contact us immediately to avail this offer. This offer is exclusive for you so hurry up.


Mahadev Shiv,

Managing Director,

J.J Brothers

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