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Holiday Sales Letter

Sales letters have become the need to carry on a business in today’s era. The sales letter carries details about the services and the products and also carries details about the offers associated with them. Nowadays there are many companies, malls, and shops etc that are offering holiday package to the customers. These holiday offers are associated with the sale of any product. In holiday sales letter it is discussed that what are the conditions and discount available to redeem this offer. These letters give details about the holiday offer provided by a company to its customers and clients. These holiday sales letters are written in an attractive way to make the customer feel that this is the best offer and instantly decides to grab it. These sales letters attracts customer traffic and enhances business deals.

  • The holiday sales letter should be attractive and impressive.
  • It should be a formal letter.
  • It should provide proper details about the holiday package and no hidden clause should be there.
  • The holiday sales letter should be short and concise.
  • No place for any kind of error should be there.

Holiday Sales Letter Template

Use our free Holiday Sales Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


___________ (name, designation, company and address of the recipient)






Dear __________, (name of recipient)

Subject: ______________________ (mention the subject of the letter)

On the occasion ________________ (introduce your company and your offers and discounts).This is the best offer and will attract your customer and will also bring new ones to you. The ____________________ (discuss the details of the offers)

So, hurry to contact us to grab this offer.



_____________ (name, designation and company of the recipient)



Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Holiday Sales Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Pear Diva,

General Manager

INT Bank


Sept 16, 2013

Dear Pear,

Subject: Grand Winter Sale By MK Brothers

Wish you great winter and merry Christmas. On the occasion of Christmas we are offering a huge discount of 40% to the customers of your bank. All you have to do is to purchase a coupon from us and provide it to your customers. This is the best offer and will attract your customer and will also bring new ones to you.

This is a limited offer. This offer is especially for your customers only as we have business partnership. So, hurry to contact us to grab this offer.


Mike Haden

Managing Director,

MK Brothers

Email Format

Diva Zen,

General Manager,

Zavanna Bank.


Mr. Diva,

[Subject: Grand Diwali Sale by J.J Brothers]

First, a very Happy Diwali wishes to you. In this season, we are providing great deal of discount of up to 65%, especially to your bank’s customers and you can impress them by providing them with great deals with us.

You must be shocked with this. Just purchase the discount coupons from any J.J Brother mall and give it to your customers. It is the best time to impress your customer old customers and to attract new. Bring new jewellry for your family and loved ones.

One thing keep in mind, this is a limited offer, which is exclusively for you and your bank due to the financial partnership. So contact us immediately to avail this offer. This offer is exclusive for you so hurry up.


Mahadev Shiv,

Managing Director,

J.J Brothers

Holiday Sales Letter Generator

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