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Sample E-Sales Letter

Summary: E-sales letters are letters that sent via email to sell the products. The following letter shows an E-sales letter that is implemented to sell a new inverter by its manufactures. You can use this letter for your other products as well because it’s fastest and electronic system to promote your business. You can check this and understand how E-sales can be done. You can follow this sample e-sales letter for your other electronic items.

Dear (Ms. Mary),

Our company (RAF Limited) heartily announces the arrival of the latest cost-effective Inverter in the market. We are introducing this with great pride and pleasure and bring to you, a very useful, stylish, and cost effective home appliance.

We are giving a huge offer for the first 10 customers a whooping 25% discount on the market rate. Kindly send a return e-mail in order to know more about this product and to avail of this offer. Our sales representative would be available at a time convenient to you, to explain all the features and details of this appliance.

We are looking for your happiest reply.

Thanking You,


(Menagha Patel)
(Marketing Manager)
(RAF Limited)

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  1. hello,
    I need your help in samples of sales letter introduing a Pet products to a pet companies.

    Thanks, carmen

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