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Sample Follow-Up after Sales Letter

Summary: For successful business relations proper communication between companies and clients are necessary. In such occasions, follow up letters play a major role. When a customer made a purchase from your company then it is your duty to send him a follow up letter to keep in touch with him. You can also discuss about the correct delivery of the placed order and their satisfaction with the quality of products can also be asked. Here is an example for such letter.


(Mr. Gupta Govind,)

(Project Manager,)

(NST Limited,)


(12th April, 2010)

Dear (Mr. Gupta),

On behalf of J.P Electronics, first of all I would thank you for buying twenty Dell laptops from us. We sincerely hope that the products are working to your entire satisfaction.

If you have any queries or clarifications, please feel free to call us. We will be available 24 hours to serve you. Our sales person would personally come and meet you. We are assuring you the complete co-operation in the after sales follow-up and services.

Thanking You,


(Prasad J.P)


(J.P Electronics)

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