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Contract Termination Letter Sample

Usually big companies sign contract on yearly basis with the other companies for supply and maintenance of its various equipments. These contracts help the companies as it provides with trouble free service. At the end of the contract without renewing it, the company sends a termination letter to its suppliers.

Here is a sample contract termination letter:


Tim Mathews

Gama Software Solutions,

Lion’s Complex,

South End,




Mr. Alex Brendan

Forces Computers,

Simpson’s Building,

North Avenue,


24th May, 2010

Ref: Termination of Contract

Dear Mr. Brendan,

I am writing this letter on behalf of our Managing Director. As you know our company has been dealing with your company for the past 3 years and we have ordered fifty computer systems to you. We have made a contract of three years according to which you will supply us the computer systems and will be responsible for the regular maintenance and up gradation of the systems.

Your contract for the supply and maintenance for the computers will expire on the 24th June, 2010. Since we found your services unsatisfactory, we are not able to extend your contract. In case you want to put forth your case before the M.D of our company you are requested to meet him on the 14th of June at 12o, clock at the office.

Thank You,

With Regards,

Tim Mathews

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