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Employment Contract Termination Letter

This employment letter is written to an employee by higher authorities informing him/her about the termination of his/her services. This employment termination letter is addressed due to any misconduct, false promises to clients, and hike in salary during a slowdown period, etc.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)


Dear ___________

We regret to inform you that your services will be terminated from 01/09/2010. This decision purely lies in the hands of management and is force to be applicable w.e.f. the above mentioned date.

The decision to terminate your services has not been taken immediately but after warning you a several times. But it has been observed that all the warnings have been violated with the rules, regulations and code of conduct to be observed. We are disappointed to inform you that your behavior with your other colleagues, TL’s and other staff members is not digestible.

We cannot accept such behavior as our other staff members have been complaining about your false promises to clients on the phone. Even after permitting you a second chance to resume your services with the right behavior and also nominating your name for the annual compensation benefits (bonus), you showed no sign of change. Moreover, you raised your voice for a hike in your salary by 20% with this rude attitude and bad of conduct. The co. can’t afford to accept your hike during a recession period.

Henceforth, the co. terminates your employment from 01/09/2010. You may handover all your pending work to your colleagues. We hope that you would change your behavior in future and wish all the very best.

Yours truly,

For ABC Ltd.

(Authorized Signatory)

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