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Employment Termination Letter

A company dissatisfied with the company’s employee, can give him a months’ notice, terminating his services. This notice can be for immediate suspension or it can be after a month. This letter may sometimes give a cause for the suspension or it may not state any reason for it. It thus depends on the companies’ policy.

Here is a sample job termination letter:


Gama Software Solutions,

Gama Buildings,

South End,



Davis Marshall

Room #69,

Church Road,


20th June 2010

Ref: Termination notice

Dear Mr. Davis,

This is to inform you that you are issued a termination notice w.e.f. 20th June. You have served well till now. But for the past 13 days you have been involved in activities that have had an adverse effect on the working of the company. It has been a painful decision for the management to make. But as the company stands by and treats all employees equally, we have to serve you with the notice.

As you all were well aware that going continuously on strike for more than 8 days provokes the company’s law of immediate suspension, your orders too were carried out under the same.

The dues towards you will be paid within a week. As it is the company’s policy, that on suspension no recommendation letter is given, none will be issued to you.

Wish you all the best in future,

Gama Software Solutions

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