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Termination Employment Letter


The objective of this letter is to inform your employee that his/her services with your company have been terminated. The reason for which the services are being terminated, the prior notice given about this and the way the employee has failed to keep up to the work standards of the company is given. It ends by mentioning the date of service termination and a good luck message.


Mr Lingaraju J

Manager HRD & Admin

Chronicle Systems Ltd


15th March, 2010


Mr Sundar Raj

Marketing Executive

Dear Mr Sundar Raj,

Sub: Termination of Services.

Ref:  Our Letter No 1/Performance/2 dt 20-12-2010

As per the details provided in the letter quoted above, you had been counseled by your HOD with regard to your current performance and the way in which you could improve it to cope with the company requirements.

Unfortunately, even after the counseling and ample duration of time to learn and improve yourself, there has been no change in your performance. Owing to this reason, we are sorry to inform you that your service with Chronicle Systems Ltd. has been terminated, effective from 31st March 2010 (AN).

Thank you for your association with us. We wish you good luck for your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Lingaraju J

Copy to:-

Accounts Dept

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