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Application Letter for Referral

Application to be made for various reasons depending upon the situation but format and manner used in writing an application letter is one and the same. The letter always address to the person whom you are seeking for making an application. But his/her name along with his/her designation is to be clearly mentioned on the top of the letter so that the letter directly goes to him/her.

Ms. Janica B. Tapp

Recruiting Manager

Prince Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

2502 Murphy Court

Minneapolis, MN 55415

19 September 2010


Dear, Ms. Janica

I am Ms. Susie T. Collins working with Prince Enterprises Pvt. Ltd as a Marketing Manager since 3 years. I came across the information through our company’s website that there is a requirement of accounts assistant in our company. Thus I want to refer someone for the same post. As this is one of the rules mentioned in our company’s policy that current employees can refer their friends, relatives or anyone in the company if there is requirement. I have one of my friend named as Mr. John F. Kennedy he has just cleared his bachelor’s of commerce from St. Andrew’s University. Now he is looking for job as accounts assistant in any company. He is a brilliant student and score highest marks in his academic records. Along with this letter I am attaching his resume please verify it and if the profile which you are seeking is suitable as per his qualification then kindly inform me about this.

Thanking You

Yours truly,

Ms. Susie T. Collins

241 Ferrell Street

Roseau, MN 56751

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